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Refund Policy

If the customer is disappointed after the work has been revised 5 times, perhaps because it does not match the directions that the customer has initially mentioned then in such case the client reserves the special right to make contact with our Customer Support department and lodge a comprehensive complaint about the problem. The client has to provide a proof that his essay has been modified 5 times and yet it does not match with the original directions. may choose from either of the following task for the client:


1.         Allocate another writer to the customer if we consider that the essay could be re-written correctly by him/her.


2.         To give a full refund depending on your. Full refund is 90% of the order always. The money will be refunded back in a period of 5 – 7 days.


It is however notified that it is the exclusive discretion of to give any refund in an issue of minor delivery postponement or a minute content error, as these are not considered as adequate reasons to claim a full refund. The client and may discuss and figure out other forms of reimbursement such as a half refund or concessions on current or future orders.


If any types of extra charges are deducted from the client’s account through the credit card, will refund the mistakenly charged extra money in least possible time.


The customer must inform prior to the start of the contract of any resolution in case he is disappointed with the written essay or any other type of services.


The customer must contact and inform for direct resolution in case of disappointment with the written essay or any other type of offered services prior to the start of the contact. If after the period of 14 days of contact for resolution, the client and have yet not arrived at any agreement, the customer may hire any negotiator for arbitration.


Failure to contact earlier to any hiring will be considered as a violation of agreement and shall be confronted accordingly. For any further information read terms and conditions.